Each character has a name. These are Bazya the Bee, Jung the Dragon, Push the Cat, Ping the Robot and Tapa the panda – anyone can help a Beeline customer “upgrade” their tariff and receive additional minutes, gigabytes of Internet, discounts and special offers every month . In general, the UP tariff is a continuation of the tariff “Your decision” and the accompanying slogan “Your side”, which was positively received by 54% of Beeline customers.

UP includes more than 20 different products previously available for link. And for variety and customization, characters were created with pre-assembled sets of UP tariff settings; each “image” is more suitable for a particular segment of the audience.

Thus, each character can offer the following options:

  • bee Bazya offers you the opportunity to share your minutes and GBs with your family members’ numbers at 50% discount;
  • dragon Yung provides unlimited access to YouTube and TikTok;
  • Kitty Push provides priority service in Beeline customer support and provides 1.5 times more Internet in roaming at no additional cost;
  • robot Ping provides an additional 30 minutes of voice calls to Uzbekistan, TCELL Tajikistan, Beeline Kyrgyzstan and Beeline Armenia numbers;
  • Panda Tapa will protect against connecting unwanted subscriptions on the Internet and offers a 20% discount on the subscription fee for customers over 60.

But each customer can choose the right options for himself and change the tariff. As mentioned above, each “apper” – 36 carats. As a result, the user receives 180 options for the basic content of the UP tariff and more than 1000 combinations with additional options.

“The new tariff replaces more than 20 products previously available to subscriptions. We took the best in Beeline: products for the family and the flexibility of your Solution tariff, we added user experience gamification to it and got the UP Tariff, ”Beeline said in one release.

For more information on the new rates, please follow this link.

Source: Ferra

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