Podcast platform Podimo is available in the Netherlands

We don’t have a shortage of podcasts these days, and neither are podcast services. Still, podcast service Podimo is now making its way to the Netherlands and offering users two different subscriptions. Interested in the service? This is what you want to know about it.

Podimo is a service that offers well-known national and international podcasts and audiobooks for a flat monthly fee. Some of this money goes to the producers of the audio productions you listen to on the platform. That’s good to know, because that way you can support those producers. This allows them to continue creating the content you like.

The Danish media company is currently active in 21 more countries and therefore has a fairly large catalog. It mainly contains podcasts from third parties such as Dutch productions. man man man and self podcast, but Podimo also makes its own material. Also, there are video podcasts.

How does Podimo work?

You can compare Podimo with every other streaming service of the moment like Netflix and Spotify. For example, you can buy a subscription that costs at least 4.99 euros per month. This gives you access to exclusive content only available to subscribers.

But free content is also available. The offer consists of Podimo’s own productions and exclusive podcasts from well-known podcasters. These podcasts are ad-free, by the way. The genre on offer also looks quite diverse: from show business to crime, upbringing, relationships, personal growth and history.

Podimo also wants to bet on new shows, new material and new formats. Think alien narrative podcasts and true crime. Additionally, you can expect more shows in this genre soon, like Moordcast from Dionne and Hendrik.

Journalistic productions

Such productions, such as journalism podcasts, were previously produced less frequently because podcast creators were mostly dependent on advertisers. However, Podimo promises to pay podcasters based on listeners’ listening behavior. For example, this does not happen with Spotify or Apple Music.

For podcast producers, this revenue model is intended to “guarantee continuity”, thereby “increasing quality.” Podimo believes podcasters can devote more time to their production because they save more. In this way, producers also need to become less dependent on advertisers, which should have a positive effect.

Podimo certainly looks serious when it comes to the Dutch market. For example, the company recently acquired Dag en Nacht Media, a Dutch podcaster that will produce exclusive material for the platform. There is also a collaboration with Tonny Media, which also brings exclusive content to Podimo.

Subscriptions and availability

The Podimo app can be downloaded from April 15 through podimo.nl and app stores. Until May 31, you can choose a ninety-day trial (thirty days after that), which can be canceled monthly. The app is also available in Belgium (in Dutch).

You can choose between two subscriptions.

  • Prize: Unlimited podcast listening and ten hours of audiobooks for 4.99 euros per month or 39.99 euros per year
  • Premium Plus: Listen to unlimited podcasts and audiobooks for €9.99 per month or €79.99 per couple

For a complete overview of the shows and audiobooks, visit the Podimo website.

Source: Computer Totaal

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