British company neuro-biomessages on successful trials of a new drug for the construction of a possible Alzheimer’s disease. As in many previous cases, we are talking about tests on rodents, experiments with humans are likely. However, everything can be changed, since the drug has no effects and has great potential.

The Society’s Founder, Susan Greenfield, a neuroscientist at the University of Oxford, is credited with discovering a new disease, Disease. She returns a substance called T14 and concludes that in a person’s youth it boosts the development of the brain, but becomes toxic to him in old age. Greenfield developed the NBP14 molecule, which combats t14 activity and thus the greatest likelihood of neurodegradation.

Experiments on mice have shown that when T14 is prescribed, a two-week level of NBP14 intake is enough to completely eliminate its activity and return the brain to a conditionally normal state. If you use nbp14 in combination with T14 monitoring for prevention, you can delay the development of Alzheimer’s disease by 10, or even 20 let.

Source: Tech Cult

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