On the morning of today, April 15, a malfunction has disabled ATM payments in the entire country. The disservice was to the Nexi circuit: for about half an hour it was not possible to pay with the card at many commercial activities in the country.

The outage of Nexi’s networks began at 11:45 this morning and into the early hours it was not immediately clear what had happened, so much so that the hypothesis of a large-scale cyber attack was initially not ruled out. Subsequently, a spokesperson for Nexi reassured consumers, explaining that the poor service was entirely due to a technical glitch at one of the partner companies – which, however, is not mentioned by name.

The error has paralyzed the Pos of all the land from 11:45 to 12:15 this morning. It seems that the problem was with the operation of some data centers. The company has not yet completed the investigation. What is certain is that both the most popular ‘apocryphal’ hypotheses on social media have been dismissed: there has been no cyber attack, nor can we speak of a congestion of the payment circuit due to too many simultaneous transactions (a laughable theory for the obvious). reasons).

The outage was general and affected almost all ATMs issued by the main Italian banks, including Unicredit and Intesa, without distinction. Both Visa and Mastercard cards are out of order.

Given the nature of the problem, the disservice was immediately reported on social networks by tens of thousands of users, who complained about the inability to pay by card or debit card. Basically, many Italians had to run to the nearest ATM to pick up money. Ironically, in recent days, the government has imposed new sanctions on merchants who refuse to accept card payments.

Source: Lega Nerd

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