The menu of the Russian chain of fast food restaurants “Vkusno – i dot”, which replaced “McDonald’s”, will include analogues of “Big Mac” and “McFlurry”. The company says that they will not differ in flavor from the original positions.

The general director of “Tasty, and that’s all” announced the appearance of analogues of “Big Mac” and “Mcflurry”

In mid-March McDonald's announced the suspension of its restaurants in Russia, in May the chain decided to leave the Russian market and began selling businesses in the country;

The new network's menu included items similar to the McDonald's assortment. For example, the McChicken Premier and Filet-o-Fish burgers were replaced by the Chicken Premier and Fish Burger, and the Chicken McNuggets became simply Nuggets.

There are still no Big Mac burgers or McFlurry ice cream among the products of Vkusno — i dot. In an interview with RBC, the general director of the Russian chain, Oleg Paroev, said that these dishes will also appear on the menu soon.

According to the senior manager, Big Mac Difficulty Is for replace the original sauce with anothernot different in taste.

“And we have certain difficulties. It's not hard, but I'd say it's an "interesting challenge" on how to replace this sauce with other ingredients. But the product that we saw, apparently, in taste, will practically not differ, I think, from the classic Big Mac, ”said Paroev.

In case of "McFlurry" the russian brand has problems due to inability to use fluring or "spinning a spoon on ice cream" - a patented technology of the American network.

All services and companies related to relocation on a single map

The CEO of Vkusno — i dot is confident that his company will be able to replace this technology and introduce an analogue of ice cream "in the near future".

"In the very near future, we will be introducing a replacement for McFlurry that, once again, we hope our consumers will appreciate and notice absolutely no difference, except for the name, to the product they are used to," said the network's boss.

This week new facades with branding began to appear in the restaurants of the Russian network. Businesses initially opened without signage.

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Source: RB

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