The Bank of Russia intends to resume printing ten-ruble notes by the end of the year and is discussing plans to issue paper five-ruble notes. Issuing coins has become more expensive, and current technologies make it possible to make paper banknotes more wear-resistant, Central Bank Deputy Chairman Sergey Belov told Izvestia.

The Central Bank decided to return a ten-ruble bill

Banknotes can now be varnished, which will help increase their lifespan by 30%. At the same time, coins in denominations of ten and five rubles will not be withdrawn from circulation.

According to the regulator, the proportion of coins in circulation in terms of quantity is 91% and in terms of quantity, 0.8%. Ten-ruble paper bills account for 5% of the total. In the total number of banknotes, the share of denominations of 5, 10, 50 and 200 rubles is less than 0.5%.

In 2018, the Central Bank issued a polymer banknote of 100 rubles. It was the first Central Bank note issued on a polymer base. Circulation then amounted to about 20 million copies.

In June this year, the Bank of Russia on Thursday presented a 100-ruble note with an updated design. The sides of the banknote are decorated with the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin and the monument to a soldier in Rzhev. The banknote with the new design is already being put into circulation. The new bill design was criticized by experts. The former artist from Goznak said that "it does not fit into the traditions" and causes him "regret".


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Source: RB

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