In Saudi Arabia, the largest building in the world may appear in the coming years. This is a project of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Previously it turned out that its height is 487 meters, and its length is more than 120 meters. The unique structure bet foreshadowing itself for the presence of parallel buildings and the political name “mirror team. It can accommodate up to 5,000,000 inhabitants. The total cost of the project is estimated at one trillion dollars.

“Mirror Line” will become a project. It is assumed that at the headquarters there is practically everything that is worth living for a large number of people. This is not a sports stadium, not a prisoner’s club and not a drug addict’s club. In addition, the “golden paradise” will use natural energy sources. Foodstuffs will also be produced directly in it.

super skyscraper

But there is also a reverse side of the coin. Having learned the details of the project, the environment was seriously worried. The giant building of the “linear city” can significantly disrupt the ecological balance, established. In particular, the building crosses mountains and changes the route of sites, and some pressing issues, such as water flow, have not yet been resolved. Also, many are asking a well-founded question about what will happen if pandas start in this “paradise”.

Despite the possible negative consequences, the giant structure is likely to be built. Prince Salan Desired on.

Source: Tech Cult

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