Tinkoff announced a ban on visiting the Tinkoff ID website, which allows you to quickly log in to any sites and applications.

You do not need to enter a username and password to receive various services. Any partners can connect to the Tinkoff ecosystem. Among the partners at the start are “about 100 leaders of Runet and Russian business: from large ad sites and online services to government agencies.”

Tinkoff I.D. is the core around which the products of the Tinkoff ecosystem have grown. We never had barriers and doors inside the ecosystem – they freely consumed all products without touching.

Now Tinkoff ID will become the key to all doors outside the ecosystem: it will be possible to log in to any Tinkoff partner service in record time – in 10 seconds with one click. And most importantly – maximum safety.

One of the tasks of Tinkoff ID is to solve the problem with fraudulent scripts in Runet. According to some estimates, the use of Tinkoff ID will reduce social engineering fraud by 30%.

For example, it is expected that we will have high ad sites (classifieds): customers will become dangerous to log in using Tinkoff ID, pay there with one click through Tinkoff Pay, and forever forget about the threat of fraud on such sites.

— Anatoly Makeshin, Director of Payment Systems, Deputy Proposals of the Tinkoff Management Board

This is how authorization through Tinkoff ID looks like:

The service is available to everyone, even if they are not Tinkoff customers.

Source: Iphones RU

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