The subject may seem very strange, I understand. I’ll explain now.

The fact is that AirPods Pro do not fit into the case from AirPods 3. It seems like everyone knows. Even if you remove the ear pads, the headphones will not go deep inside, since the case is also slightly protected. When AirPods 3 came out in the West, the subject was quickly infected with a virus and a virus: they say, no, you can’t charge your AirPods Pro in an AirPods 3 case and vice versa.

If you use wallpaper, losing any of the cases is critical.

I see this often, but haven’t tested it. And in life you need to check everything …

How did I get to this life?

Lost one of two AirPods Pro. It happens to everyone? I ordered new headphones. While the “ear” was being transported, missing case. Don’t ask how it happened (I don’t know myself).

And now I have two “pods”, but there is no case for them. It’s a shame. But there are AirPods 3 in the complete set.

A couple of days of “proshki” solutions to the ownerless, while I was in St. Petersburg and could not find a solution. A new case for AirPods Pro costs about 7 thousand rubles. And on some Avito, with a probability of 99%, a fake will sit down. Personally, I may not need to sell, but I will waste my time anyway.

And now I’m finally at home, looking at the headphones. I know that cases are not interchangeable. That’s what Western sites said. But something got me test that myth. Thus this post was born.

How to charge AirPods Pro with an AirPods 3 case

one. Considered ear pads.

2. Insert the headphones into the case until it stops. Don’t push hard. They still won’t go all the way in.

3. Press the lid on top (without fanaticism).

four. Stretched on the case with an elastic band. No gum? Ask a girlfriend, wife, or find one with “patties” with a stash.

The charge went.

AirPods don’t complain about case mismatch. Charging is fast, without any problems.

Assuming that in a likely situation, AirPods 3 and Pro are simply used, then one case is used. But this is not enough. Most likely, the chip is suitable for using “lost” until you buy a suitable case.

PS They asked me to check the possibility of charging AirPods 3 in the AirPods Pro case – and this is also possible, again with an elastic band.

In the next series, we will learn how to make charging for an iPhone from bread.

Source: Iphones RU

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