Memory can fail everyone and at one fine moment it turns out that you forgot the unlock code for your smartphone.

Many users have entered this code for a very long time, in most cases Face ID or Touch ID. The passcode can unexpectedly happen after restarting the iPhone, changing the SIM card, or a long interval between normal unlocks.

If you cannot remember your password, do not despair, it is possible to return the smartphone in an unchanged state and not lose important data.

What you need for a successful recovery

iPhone, ipad or ipod touchwhich is stuck on the password entry screen;

◆ Cable for connecting the device to a computer;

◆ Computer running macOS or Window;

Apple ID and password from the account to which the iPhone belongs.

Of course, according to this instruction, it will be possible to unlock and restore data. only on your smartphonebelonging to the accounts that you are. You cannot unlock someone else’s iPhone, found on the street or bought in a locked state.

What are the advantages and features of recovering a locked iPhone

Apple’s mobile operating system has always been famous for data encryption. Getting something from a locked smartphone without knowing the password is almost impossible. The only way to unlock a gadget is to erase all data on it.

After that, you can restore the data from the current backup and get the gadget in the state in which it was closed. But the actual backups are not visible to all users.

Many either don’t give an option or use a basic fare iCloudat what in the cloud of the sides of everything 5 GB. So you can’t save all the data on a smartphone that includes regular backups.

To the point: What to find in an iPhone backup. Reduce its weight in iCloud

In such cases, after erasing the smartphone and restoring data, some applications, files or photos from the smartphone will be lost. However, there is a way to create a full backup of a locked gadget.

How to create an up-to-date backup of data on iPhone

one. detection of the iPhone to the computer, with the sets that you previously copied to the smartphone.

This must be one of the PCs that has been marked as trusted. If you have not previously connected your iPhone to any computer, the method does not work.

2. Run Seeker (in macOS Catalina and newer sources) or iTunes (in macOS Mojave and more hepatic version of the system or Windows PC).

3. Show your iPhone in the sidebar of the application and choose your option Create a backup.

Of course, there must be enough free space on the computer for a full iPhone backup.

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If the option is not available and the button is grayed out, then this computer is not trusted for your smartphone. In this case, you will not be able to create a complete backup of data on your computer.

How to reset iPhone and recover data on it

In case when smartphone (over a mobile network or through a familiar Wi-Fi), you can reduce the erasure of the gadget through the web version of the iCloud service. To do this, do the following:

▶ Open iCloud on the web on any gadget in a browser.

▶ Log in with your help Apple ID evap.

▶ Go to section Find iPhone and select the desired gadget from the drop-down list.

▶ Press Erase iPhone Data and confirm the action.

▶ After erasing the gadget, restore the data on it from the current backup to iCloud or from a newly created backup on the computer.

If the gadget is some case not connected to the internetyou can erase the device through a computer:

▷ smartphone display to a computer using a cable.

▷ The computer will download Seeker or iTunes.

▷ Put your iPhone into recovery mode according to our instructions.

▷ The computer will see the gadget in recovery mode and offer to quit the firmware and restore system data.

▷ After the restore procedure, download the data from the current backup to your smartphone.

start from version iOS 15.2 You can also throw away your smartphone and stop using your computer.

This is how you noticed the password loss from the situation when you forgot the unlock password from your smartphone.

Source: Iphones RU

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