In the world of home computers, there are many different options available and all households have fast, stable and wireless internet. They understand the nuances of models, but for most of the most basic characteristics of this gadget, they are very simple:

▪️ to work without interruptions and dependencies
▪️ to set up easily
▪️ so that a movie from the Internet in 4K can be downloaded in five minutes
▪️ to bring the signal to all rooms and the toilet in particular

Other features, such as several bands, channel bandwidth, reliable protection against hacking and interception, are recognized only later, when a friend comes “programmer» to set up a freshly purchased router.

And most often this person immediately begins to increase the device, they say, this is not there, and that, and the firmware is so-so, and the key to withdrawing the constitution, so that the owner can only blush and regret that he did not hold back before acquiring.

Here is your new Mercusys MR80X computer. Just take it without any hesitation.

Therefore, here is an excellent Mercusys MR80X computer for you, with items that do not need to blush, you don’t even need to offer settings for the computer. The device costs 4050 rubles and for this money you will have:

▪️ Dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections up to 3Gbps
▪️ Three gigabit ports for Internet distribution via cable
▪️ Confident wireless coverage of the entire apartment
▪️ Dual-core processor for uninterrupted performance
▪️ Easy setup
▪️ Strong WPA3 security

About the rest of the buns in the form of a stylish design, fine-tuning the type of use of control, and even the power saving mode for “smart devices” will be discussed below. Just be aware that the Mercusys MR80X also has them.

And all this for 4050 rubles (NEED LINK). You just have to take it.

But first I read this review to the end, in order to definitely choose this particular computer in my apartment.

I don’t know any Mercusys. What it is?

We have already written about a worthy “state employee” Mercusys MR50G, and rotated about this brand. If the company has been briefly selling affordable Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi adapters, signal boosters and home contacts in Russia since 2016.

Inside the Mercusys device is top-of-the-line hardware from the manufacturer of component specifications, for example, inside the review of this review, the “heart” is a 64-bit dual-core processor and Qualcomm’s advanced programmable 12-thread network processor.

So you can connect up to 256 devices to the Mercusys MR80X without any delays or interference.

Mercusys has Russian-speaking support and official service throughout our country.

Mercusys MR80X is one of the best home routers to date.

We got acquainted with the brand, let’s move on to the devices. Please note that I meet various of his “chips” from the very beginning of this consideration, but they still do not end. So, in order not to repeat briefly, I will list a few more that were not mentioned above:

▪️ BSS color technology minimizes interference from other signals to achieve connection quality

▪️ Smart Connect technology automatically selects the most suitable range for each device

▪️ Router can work as an access pointconverting a wired network to wireless

That is, if you have a dozen other Wi-Fi networks around you, they will not affect yours in any way.

And if you connect to Wi-Fi, for example, a game console, a laptop and a smartphone, the network will automatically distribute the Internet speed among the most optimal, so that between and online games do not lag on the console, and the pages load quickly in the laptop.

What “Access Point Mode” means: When the Mercusys MR80X is connected to a wired router that is already running, the Wi-Fi coverage area is extended.

There are three LAN ports on the body of the device for connecting devices to the Internet via a wire. From my own experience, I often meet a PC and a game console in such a way that it is right in games to ping.

Also, the whole machine has one indicator light, so that at night the device will not cover the room or corridor with an alarming flickering green light.

In addition, Mercusys MR80X can be equipped with functional antennas. Support for Beamforming technologies.

Customization and some more interesting “buns”

The setup takes place in Russian and in a few clicks: you just need to plug the cable into the WAN port and go through a few steps by selecting the clock function and setting the administrator password.

The router can work in two ports at the same time, which is very convenient if you have smart speakers, kettles, refrigerators and other IOT devices. Due to the fact that most of them do not have the property of a 5 GHz network, and they are required specifically for a two-GHz Wi-Fi.

Also in action Mercusys MR80X can be installed transitional regimewhen the child’s gadget is connected according to the schedule and can only access official websites.

Well, a nice and separate feature – the router has a tab with VPN server settings, through which you can connect to a device on the network from anywhere in the world via an encrypted, secure channel.

Despite the considerable list of partitions, setting up the Mercusys MR80X takes a few minutes, once and for all. The main thing is to put the administrator password somewhere, because next time you will only need it if you use a change of provider.

And of course, in order to assign a guest network, setting it to close at speed, the guests did not sit up at a party with your free Wi-Fi.

Speed ​​test. Surprisingly fast in all scenarios

Put the Mercusys MR80X at home, connected the Xbox to it by wire, and hung up a tablet, two smartphones, a laptop, a set-top box from Yandex and two smart speakers with Alice via Wi-Fi.

My plan is 350 Mbps. This is enough for comfortable home use.

In different usage scenarios, the speed was approximately the same, around 300 Mbps. Tested on a laptop while downloading the game to the console and launched a YouTube video on a smartphone.

If two or three devices consume the network at the same time, the speed is kept at approximately the same level.

In the end, I decided to arrange a stress test: I downloaded 50 GB of game materials on the Xbox, which is broadcast through the Yandex set-top box on TV, launched YouTube videos on a smartphone, tablet and laptop, and even went to the farthest corner of the apartment, as far as possible from the road.

I run the speed test again – and what would you think:

I could not load my home network stronger. The result is excellent.

I observed a non-critical drop in speeds, but the video did not slow down anywhere, everything worked quickly, there were no complaints about Wi-Fi, I noticed that the Internet used 5 devices at the same time for the most part.

So the setup, Mercusys MR80X is perfectly extended with loads. Technology helps him in this, and for the user everything just works without “dancing with tambourines”.

Conclusion. Mercusys MR80X – top for your money

If I start again briefly listing all the features and benefits of this router, it will take a lot of space. So I can only say that all the mentioned chips, settings and technologies work, do not bug and do not require any specific knowledge to enable and activate.

Mercusys MR80X is one of the home computers that combines simplicity with extensive functionality, which you don’t even think about when you go to buy such a device for yourself at home.

Does it have WPA3 wireless encryption or not?

And in the case of the Mercusys MR80X, you don’t even need to remember this, because this router has everything you need and even a little more, for a long, constant and stable work to the delight of you and all household members, you will meet or even colleagues, if you suddenly decide to put such a thing in the office. In addition, 256 devices can be connected at the same time, that is, multiple departments on the same floor.

I remind you that the price of Mercusys MR80X is 4059 rubles. Ridiculous money for a great device that distributes secure internet.

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