Sometimes, by mistake, on a whim, or by a decision that you later doubted, you might have to delete Instagram posts that you might need or want to see later.


To recover the chat you deleted, You will need to request a copy of all the data you have in the app, including chats.
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This can be done via the app’s settings by opening it from the computer as follows: After opening Instagram on the computer, go to your Instagram profile, then go to ‘settings’ (cogwheel), click where it says ‘your data and multimedia content’. While in this section, you will see that it says ‘data download’ and there click on ‘download request’.

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After these steps, Instagram will ask you to choose your email and a format to receive the information., same implementation, you can choose between “HTML which may be easier to query, or JSON which may be easier to export to another service”. After choosing the format, the application will ask you for your password.

Then it will just be Wait for a while for Instagram to send all the files to your email backup, including conversations within chats.

Source: Exame

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