Hacker attacks on the gaming segment of the Russian IT market in the first half of 2022 were three times higher than the number of threats in the same period last year, according to DDoS-Guard.

Hacker attacks on Russian playgrounds tripled in January-June

In January-June, resources were attacked 6.2 thousand times, for the same period in 2021 – only 1.9 thousand times, Kommersant writes. This is 9% of the total number of attacks in 2022.

Analysts refer to the segment of thematic game servers, browser games, game-related information sites, game value sites (in-game currency, item sets), forums for game service administrators and developers.

The motivation for cyberattacks is the theft of user data and funds, they explain in DDoS-Guard. Hackers gain access to game resources and withdraw game values ​​from there with a real monetary equivalent.

According to PwC estimates, by the end of 2021, the Russian gaming industry grew by 7.7% and reached 158 billion rubles (about $2 billion). According to CS:GO, the volume of the gaming goods market in Russia in 2021 reached 456 million dollars.


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Source: RB

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