Sometimes, the smartphone begins to drain very quickly, despite the fact that it was bought not so long ago. And it only charges half during the night. There are eight explanations for this.

  1. Smartphone outdated. If you are constantly using a mobile device, its battery and it will gradually deteriorate. Overheating, hypothermia, falling smartphones also affect it. In this case, the only way out is to replace the device with a new one.

  2. Problem with cables and power supply. If you have changed the charger or cable, you may have noticed that the smartphone starts to charge more slowly or the wire or charger starts to heat up. The best way to fix this problem is to replace the charger or cable with a new brand.

  3. weak power supply. For example, if you connect a modern smartphone to a computer with old USB ports, it will charge extremely slowly.

  4. Defective power connector. Purely theoretically dust, dirt, water etc. can enter the charging port. As a result, the contacts may oxidize, microcracks may form on them. Also, with frequent use of charging, contacts are erased. All this reduces the charging speed.

  1. Battery damage. Therefore, the device may discharge quickly and charge slowly. Also, if the battery is damaged, you may notice that the smartphone itself becomes thicker. Another sign that the battery is damaged is the device overheating during charging and discharging.

  2. Frequent smartphone use. There are certain tasks that heavily load the processor. This is the transition to games, watching videos, playing music, surfing the Web. As a result, the charge is spent faster, and the internal elements of the smartphone heat up significantly and begin to wear out.

  3. background apps. Modern smartphones have built-in ways to get rid of such applications.

  4. Software and system update. In some cases, updates only contribute to battery wear. True, this rarely happens.

Source: Ferra

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