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This 4K webcam uses artificial intelligence to adjust the frame as you move.


We can consider that we live in a golden age in the world of webcams. Coronavirus and telecommuting have caused this sector to grow and continue to grow exponentially, so improvements need to be made gradually.

Well, this is the first Insta360 webcam to perfectly combine camera technology with AI, offering the perfect combination for any content creator or company.

Note that Insta360 is best known for producing 360-degree action cameras, very small and excellent qualityso by adding this AI-based novelty, we may be facing a great device.

Basically, the Insta360 Link, like any other webcam, is a very small gadget that sits on top of any monitor or laptop and connects via a USB-C cable. Video resolution can be scaled up to 4K.

The design element to look out for is LED ring around the base of the Insta360 Link. The ring glows green when the webcam is on, blue when it’s idle, and amber when there’s a software problem.

As for the big news, Insta360 has equipped Link with several AI-based capture modes, all of which can be activated with hand gestures.

This AI tracking uses a gimbal 3-axis camera that follows you as you move around the room. The function can be turned on or off by shaking the camera for about two seconds.

It has “Whiteboard Mode” in which, by placing four recognition markers at the corners of the whiteboard, the webcam adjusts the whiteboard’s contrast to avoid excessive white recording.

Finally, there is a privacy mode. After every ten seconds of inactivity, or when the Insta360 Link indicator turns blue, the camera will automatically move down to prevent unwanted video from being captured. Insta360 Link is currently on sale for a price $299

Source: Computer Hoy

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