Two new services have appeared in the “Export Professionals” B2B services marketplace of the “Mi Exportación” digital platform. Now, companies engaged in economic activity abroad can request field (primary) market research of the retail market from accredited experts, as well as receive a service for filing applications for registration of a trademark, invention, industrial design with a patent office in any country in the world.

My Export platform experts will help explore retail and protect intellectual property

“The range of expert services in the field of foreign economic activity on the My Export platform is constantly expanding. The user fills out an application in two minutes, and the system gives him a list of accredited experts in the field of foreign economic activity. When the Export Professionals marketplace launched in December 2021, it included eleven services. Today there are 24 of them.

Two new services will be useful to both beginning and experienced exporters, especially considering that many of them are now exploring new markets or want to expand their export product line.”– said Alexey Mikhailik, vice president of implementation of the One Window project.

Field, or primary, research of the retail market is the first step an exporter takes when entering the market. Based on your results, you decide whether to start a foreign economic activity in the selected country. According to Aleksey Mikhailik, the My Export platform will help the company to choose one of the trusted suppliers who will conduct marketing analytics on exactly the product or product that it is going to supply to the foreign target market.

The basic package includes the visit of a marketer to 15 points of sale, evenly distributed in the study region. The specialist performs data collection, auditing, analysis of information about the product “on the shelf”, as well as analysis of consumer behavior.

The extended package is complemented by mystery shopper market research and face-to-face interviews with buyers, and a comprehensive package is also complemented by face-to-face interviews with product category managers.
The exporter receives the result of the study in the form of a detailed report in PDF format. .

The issue of intellectual property protection is also important for an exporter preparing to bring his product to market. Companies must protect themselves from violating the intellectual property rights of others; this implies enormous fines that, depending on the country, can reach several hundred thousand euros.

Another key point is to minimize attempts by competitors to take advantage of the company’s technology or trademark. To do this, it is necessary to register an invention, trademark, utility model or industrial design. At the same time, in most countries, according to the law, only a patent attorney or a lawyer can apply to the patent office, the Russian export company simply does not have the right to do so. The “Legal Protection of Intellectual Property” service will help you find a specialist.

“In addition, with the help of this service, the exporter can ask the supplier to carry out a preliminary study, which will allow them to know if the same or similar brand, invention, etc., is already registered in the country’s market. This will minimize the risk of denial of registration of an IP object.”– Alexei Mikhailik explained.

Export Professionals is a B2B service marketplace that helps Russian companies find qualified specialists in the field of foreign economic activity. From the personal account on the My Export platform, companies can choose a partner who will provide them with logistical or legal services, help them enter the international market, as well as find a foreign buyer or supplier and help them with certification.

The My Export digital platform provides online access to government and commercial services that accompany companies’ exports. The platform’s services provide solutions to the main tasks at each stage of the export cycle.

To use the platform to its full extent, it is necessary to have an ECES (Enhanced Qualified Electronic Signature).


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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