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1. Smart clothes steam generator Xiaomi


A small steam generator that can be easily taken with you or used at home. It fits great for the eyes of things in all conditions.

The steam generator has minimal dimensions that allow you to take it with you always. The water tank is small but enough to iron your clothes for a day.

▶︎ Price: 2339 1 871 rub.

2. Xiaomi large smart stationary fan


Stationary fan for home or office with a large working angle. Air out of it duo 150 degreesso it can be easily placed in the corner of the room.

Thanks to a well-thought-out design, it works quite quietly and does not distract from everyday activities.

The fan has a well-thought-out grill that closes its working elements from children’s fingers, so the device is quite safe.

▶︎ Price: 10 572 RUB 8,141

3. Humidifier for home and office from Xiaomi


A good humidifier for home or office. It has an antibacterial design, which the spread of pathogenic diseases.

The device has a 2-liter tank, which is enough for constant work from morning to evening.

You can remove the expense through the application or manually.

▶︎ Price: 2913 2 360 rub.

4. Xiaomi compact display with Android shell


Quality representative for children and adults. It has a portable design, so it is easy to carry around at home or in the office.

Any device can be connected to the forecast. Moreover, he runs on Androidtherefore, access to any content is opened without auxiliary gadgets.

▶︎ Price: 59 437 RUB 46,955

5. Xiaomi TV box on Android in the form of a “whistle”


TV set-top box in the “whistle” format. It connects via HDMI and is not visible at all on the Collection. Powered by Androidso access to the content is as simple as possible.

The easiest and most affordable way to get a regular TV in a smart case.

▶︎ Price: 5 681 3 238 rub.

6. Convenient Deerma water spray mop


A mop that sprays water and makes it possible clean floors quickly and efficiently.

It is very light and easy to use daily. Saves time and water.

▶︎ Price: 1 590 RUB 1,574

7. Really cordless vacuum cleaner ILIFE


A good upright cordless vacuum cleaner that is well suited for home or office use.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an effective filter that inhibits dust and other objects that try to get into the air.

device easily transformable from a large vacuum cleaner to a small handheld one. In this format, it is convenient to use it both for cleaning furniture and for a car.

▶︎ Price: 21 908 RUB 10,359

8. Xiaomi electrical noise isolation with a drill


The most stylish and high-quality screwdriver with a drill, which comes with set of cue balls for any detectionas well as drills.

On the back of the device there is a special screen that displays the current nuances of the screw

▶︎ Price: 10 663 RUB 7,037

9. Baseus external battery 20000 mAh


Good power bank for mobile devices equipped with all possible ports to choose from: a pair of USB-A, USB-C and even Micro-USB.

On the case of the external battery there is a screen that shows the presence of a charge. There is a button for checking the energy level and the intended activation.

▶︎ Price: 4 748 RUB 2,611

10. Baseus laptop power bank 100W


An external battery that’s great for a laptop with USB-C and Power Delivery. Attaching one device delivers up to 100 watts of power.

In addition to a pair of USB-C, the power bank is also equipped with two USB-A with support for modern fast charging technologies.

The external battery is large enough, but these are not taken every day, but to work with the MacBook in the field.

▶︎ Price: 8 140 4 048 rub.

11. Simple Xiaomi kettle without additional features


An excellent teapot without any additional effects. An excellent choice for those no need for endless smart features.

Water boils great. Unique, it does not have a transparent “window” to determine the amount of remaining water. Perhaps this is his big minus.

▶︎ Price: 2619 1 938 rub.

12. Smart trash can with opening sensor


Waste bin that opens automatically if hold your hand over the sensorand also closes within 5 seconds.

The bucket retains odors and suppresses their spread.

The main thing is to decide on the size, whether this will be enough for a home or office.

▶︎ Price: 2 106 RUB 1,116

13. Popular small external HDD up to 2TB


Compact HDD from 120 GB to 2 TB. This is great for storing accumulated content for the same TV.

The hard drive is equipped with a USB 3.0 port, so reading and writing are fast enough.

To store something important discovery, the option is not needed. But the music is for movies and it fits perfectly.

▶︎ Price: 1 847 804 rub.

14. Reliable carrying case for external HDD


A good case for an external hard drive, conventional wires, as well as related small things.

Looks good, reviews are also good.

▶︎ Price: 486 307 rub.

15. Universal car cable for any port


The cable that I myself want to take into my car. He has a fabric braid, so he won’t get over there too fast..

On one side it connects to USB-A. On the second one, it has three connectors: Lightning, USB-C and even Micro-USB.

There are several colors to choose from, including classic black and silver, as well as bright blue, red and gold.

▶︎ Price: 291 127 rub.

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