The smartphone has become a real safe to save and save information for most of us. There are photos, correspondence, bank card data and saved passwords from applications or services.

Block your gadget with Face ID or Touch ID although a high level of protection, it does not restore the ability to display the necessary data in the wrong hands.

Intruders or just colleagues with work accidentally looked at the unlock code, Christmas Gadget during your position, or just accidentally saw the text of an important message.

There have been a few surprises for data protection in iOS.

1. Set a complex unlock password

Many use the use of unlock gadget by mistake. This happens if it doesn’t work. Touch ID or Face ID, after a long inactivity of the gadget or when changing the SIM card. A simple 4 or 6 digit code is easy to remember in an environment that occurs in the absence of natural attractions.

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Instead, you should complicate your code so that it is very difficult to review or remember as you type. This is done in the section Settings – Face ID / Touch ID and passcode – Change passcode.

We recommend setting a complex digital or generally alphabetic unlock code.

2. Set a password to launch other applications

If the unlocked gadget still opens in external hands, you should protect important applications from external eyes.

Many users have long added the ability to lock the program with a password, you just need to configure this feature.

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All financial applications and instant messengers are important. If bank clients are loaded with a password by default, then utilities for correspondence and social networks are not.

For example, in action Telegram or whatsapp you can enable additional authorization on permission.

3. Disable app unlocking via Touch ID or Face ID.

This should be done if fingerprints or another user is entered in the phone memory. So even after unlocking the gadget, it will not have access to protected applications.

Change option along the way Settings – Face ID/Touch ID & passcode – More apps.

After that, the unlock code for password-protected programs went up and remember it.

4. Hide the shelf from strangers

It is very important to hide the capture so that no one accidentally sees them. Messages may contain personal information, confirmation codes from banks or other important data.

To do this, just follow the path Settings – Notifications – Thumbnail display and replace the value Is always on the Without blocking.

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Can do this for all programs or only for applications of applications in their parameters of this settings block.

5. Shorten the interval before disabling the lock of the smartphone.

If you are not able to regularly lock your iPhone when you place your smartphone on a table or on its screen surface unattended, you should definitely reduce the lock time.

So the gadget will be blocked as quickly as possible when idle.

The option is configured along the way Settings – Display & Brightness – Auto-Lock.

6. Activate two-factor authentication for all possible services.

Additional confirmation of the code is available not only in banking utilities, but also in social networks, instant messengers or other popular services.

If earlier the version of the password from SMS was implemented as the second version of authorization, now you can use the version built into the iOS and macOS systems.

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Go to the settings for your services and check the ability to set up two-factor authentication.

7. Hide important data from the iPhone lock screen

The locked display excludes other important information, such as upcoming calendar events, information in widgets, card information in Wallet and voice assistant Siriwhich can tell a lot about the owner.

In the parameters of this system, you can disable the activation of modules without unlocking the smartphone.

For this health Settings – Face ID/Touch ID and passcodefind the block Screen lock access and disable all important options.

8. Take advantage of the privacy report

start from iOS 15.2 Cupertino added special options where you can monitor the issued permissions and access information for external applications.

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We recommend going to the section Settings – Privacy & Security – App Privacy Report. Here you can set the number of permissions granted and prohibit some programs from unnecessary snooping for everyone.

9. Enable Wipe Data on Wrong Password

In case the gadget is stolen or damaged, it is best to set up the device to be erased after the code entry value is determined.

This will protect against fraudsters and make it almost impossible to access data to confidential information.

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It’s done along the way. Settings – Face ID/Touch ID & passcode – Wipe data. After activating the option, in case of 10 incorrect requests, all data will be deleted.

Non-compliance with the rules after switching on

By applying all or some of the recommendations in this article, you will greatly increase the level of protection of your data and minimize the risk of their discovery in the wrong hands.

Source: Iphones RU

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