The amount of information processed What’s up? It’s huge, both personally and professionally. That’s why it’s always positive to work to improve security in the app and the account itself. It seems that the company owned by Meta does this.

To date, one of the big improvements in this app is being able to use access control. two steps. This greatly limits hackers’ ability to hijack any user’s account. But not impossible. And this is where you want to make WhatsApp powerful with what you do. And this is really positive, because there are very few people sharing data such as personal pictures or document numbers.

What is WhatsApp working on

Well, the posted screen shows a question that the user has received and is indicated in it. trying to migrate an account from normal terminal to another. And this is very important because if two-factor security fails, hackers can get the information without anyone knowing. But with the new feature, that will no longer be the case. An excellent possibility that increases security exponentially as the activity can be denied.

New security measure on WhatsApp


Frankly, Fear It’s hard to know what someone might receive when they receive a message like we’ve mentioned, but it’s better than being surprised that one day someone gets their hold of your account data – and on top of that, hijacks it. By the way, a few good details about the function it works with is that among the information provided it is possible to see the following. terminal calling for action and hour. Fortunately, this can even be used to take legal action.

Other possible uses

This new functionality can be the end of SMS confirmation when a new device is installed and you want to activate an account that is already running on that device. In addition, the new option that WhatsApp will soon offer, for example Using the same account on multiple devicesyou can use this verification method to make everything completely secure.

Currently, the only data we have regarding this increase in security is the image we shared as the functionality is still in progress. not integrated even in trial versions by WhatsApp. However, knowing how the company works, this will definitely happen soon. The fact is that such protection is always well received, and besides, if it is so efficient, it remains to congratulate the developers.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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