Google this week started the process of including Duo and Meet and turning them into the same app. However, this process can be a bit confusing to avoid inconveniencing users. Duo is getting Meet features and will be a new version of the app, while the original Meet will be around for a while.

In practice, it is easier to understand how these changes will happen. Duo was previously updated to include Meet’s chat features and will receive a new update this week that will change its icon to the Meet icon on both Android and iOS.

And the original Meet, how?

In the meantime, those who use Meet will continue with the original version of the application without any changes for now. However, Google’s plan is to eventually end support for this first version of the app and let users know it’s time for a change. Meet, which can be downloaded slowly from Google Play until September, will be the new version that includes Duo.

Google’s idea is to “delete” many of the company’s signature communications-oriented apps. Over time, the portfolio of apps offered will become easier to understand, but until then, it’s worth taking care that users don’t get confused and know which options will continue to exist and which ones to absorb.

Source: Tec Mundo

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