Yandex has added technology to its browser for automatic voice-over translation of live broadcasts for some YouTube channels, including TED, Google, Apple, SpaceX and others.

Yandex launched simultaneous translation of live broadcasts in the browser

Announcements of new TI products, Apple presentations, celebrity interviews, space launch webcasts will now be available in Russian in real time, a company representative said.

While the technology is in open beta testing, translation of streams on YouTube channels from the playlist is available.

“The next step is to translate broadcasts and streaming videos not only on YouTube, but also, for example, on Twitch. We teach neural networks to translate transmissions in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Next, we will add new European language pairs, as well as Chinese, Japanese and others, ”said Dmitry Timko, head of the Yandex application and Yandex.Browser, quoted by the press service.

How does it work: Neural networks act as a simultaneous interpreter: they start translating the sentence even before it is finished being spoken.

One neural network recognizes the audio and converts it to text, another determines the speaker’s gender using biometric data, a third deals with punctuation marks and extracts semantic snippets from the text. The finished thought is taken by the next neural network, which is responsible for the translation.


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Source: RB

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