If your iPhone is not charging, this is probably the case

Not charging your iPhone? try this

by Rodrigo SH on iPhone

Is your iPhone not detecting the charger or not charging even though it is connected? Could be the solution something very simple This is something that happens very rarely to us users.

We have given you some suggestions to save your battery. Moreover we discovered Battery capacity of every iPhone in Apple history.

But today I will tell you a little advice You can keep it in mind when you have this frustrating situation where your iPhone won’t charge. Clean the charging port…

True, the dirt and debris accumulated in this part of the device reaches the device many times. prevent check that the charging connector is seated or making contact correctly. For this, I can recommend you to clean it before trying other works related to the restoration or repair of your device.

How do I clear the Lightning port on my iPhone?

You don’t need to be an expert to clean this part of your iPhone, but you can’t do it lightly either. Do this with a needle, a piece of hard paper, or something you’re sure won’t damage anything. Everything, without making a very strong contact at the entrance.

Now if you want to get a little more technical information you can buy compressed air or isopropyl alcohol. for better cleaning.

This point to consider was recently shared by a Twitter user. The tweet received a response from other users. they had fun and met this solution has become part of the life and experience of being an iPhone user.

now you have a man this will help you a lot when you go through a bad situation with your iPhone battery charging.

If you want to protect your iPhone from a heat wave, we recommend that you take some precautions to avoid these climatic conditions. affects a lot to your device battery.

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Source: i Padizate

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