Kugoo collects its own scooters, which appeared in Russia, among representatives of even the first brands. I remember very well how a few years ago, when electric transport was not yet as popular as it is today, and there was no kicksharing at all, I already saw riders proudly riding Kugoo S1 and S3 electric scooters.

In this case, the company did a slight re-render and is now called KugooKirin. Over the years, the brand has constantly upgraded and improved its scooters, providing not only the development of engineers, but also taking into account the feedback from ordinary users on Chinese forums.

And in the summer of 2022, with the discovery, I unpacked a new product – the KugooKirin M3 electric scooter, which received a reliable, dense, and most importantly sufficient volume, loaded my 90-kilogram carcass across Moscow without any problems.

I will say right away: I have seen and ridden many electric scooters. And the main problems of large models are always approximately equal – weak power, creaking nodes, steering rack play. The KugooKirin M3 doesn’t have any of these issues, even after I’ve driven over 70km.

Appearance, materials and features

KugooKirin M3 in its natural habitat, in the city.

The frame of the scooter is aluminum, so the KugooKirin M3 weighs 22 kg. There is an anti-slip rubber mat on the deck, wide enough fenders are installed in front and behind, so that you can ride on wet asphalt without harming your clothes, checked.

The steering column does not matter in height, but for my height of 183 cm, the height of the steering wheel is as comfortable as possible, my hands and wrists do not get tired even during long rides.

Wheels front and rear 10 inches. The front wheel with a chamber is inflatable, and the rear wheel is cast. Personally, I met such a solution, but the difference in tires does not appear in any way on the ride and comfort. I didn’t even notice at first that there was no inflation nipple on the rear wheel.

The tread holds the road well, does not make noise and does not find rolling when you drive, for example, downhill.

The scooter is rear-wheel drive, so the motor-wheel is located in the rear wheel. Its power is 600 wattsand it feels true: the scooter easily pulls me up hills that some other scooters with the consequences of attraction cannot handle.

600W rear wheel motor.

There is a headlight on the front of the steering column, which will help to identify diseases in front of the rider at dusk. It does not shine so brightly, but it is suitable for indicating owners on the sidewalk.

Also, for the convenience of the rider, there is a mechanical fork in the front, which helps to smooth out the bumps in the road. Actual in a city with poor asphalt or with a low level of poorly laid tiles. The fork works out quite clearly, the arms and back really do not hurt even after the second ten kilometers.

Behind there are two red dimensions, which also have the function of turn signals. Yes, there is a switch on the rule with which you can tell others that you have decided to turn right or left. From my own experience, I can say that pedestrians rarely pay attention to such signals, but the presence of turn signals is more a plus than a useless option..

When braking, the taillights begin to flash, warning of the rider’s maneuver. This is convenient for bystanders and other road users from behind.

The scooter has possible sizes:

Total length – 116 cm

Clearance – 10 cm

The length of the usable space of the deck – 46 cm

Deck Width – 18 cm

Height of the steering column from the deck – 100 cm

Handlebar Width – 52 cm

The scooter is easy to stow, just pull the steering lock tab and lower the stand down. When folded, the height of the scooter is 60 cm.

From the unusual: the KugooKirin M3 has a built-in real anti-theft lock with a metal cable, which rotates in the steering rack tube. The lock is coded, the cable is reliable, so you can fasten the scooter with a light heart in the store, going shopping.

The combination of numbers on the code lock can be changed, and the cable itself can be fixed in a special holder or simply inserted into the lock so that it does not interfere during the trip.

The anti-theft lock is built into the steering column.

The charging port is not located on the deck, like most scooters, but on the “goose” that connects the deck and the steering rack. The port is closed with a plastic plug on a spring, which has a rubber seal.

Dirt and splashes will definitely not reach it during a trip in the wet, and if suddenly the scooter gets caught in the rain, water will not get in thanks to this particular rubber seal.

By the way, rain and moisture, in principle, are not terrible for KugooKirin M3: the scooter is waterproofed according to the IPX7 standard right out of the box. The same protection against water have, for example, echo sounders that can withstand immersion in water by 1 meter for 30 minutes. I don’t know if it can also start with a scooter, but the rain is definitely not terrible.

The plug opens easily, no need to break your legs on the rubber recessed “plug”, because there is none.

The charger is included and looks like a power supply for a laptop. It works absolutely silently and loads the scooter from zero to 100% on average in 7 hours.

Inside the deck is a non-removable battery with a capacity of 13,000 mAhwhich allows you to drive on a single charge up to 40 km. According to personal feelings, in terms of average speed and with a lot of weight, KugooKirin M3 is enough for 35 km in Moscow. This is a good result, a beautiful flat relief of the city, slides and ramps of underground passages.

On the rule, there is an on-board computer and a single button for turning on the scooter. Interesting, but not included. To “start” it, you need to attach an NFC tag to the on-board computer, a lot of things come with the KugooKirin M3.

If the switched off scooter moves from its place, the built-in alarm turns on, loud enough.

There are three modes for driving: eco, drive and sport. In the first protocol, the expected speed 15 km/hin the second – 25 km/hand at high speed it will be possible to accelerate to 40 km/h.

There is also a hook on which you can hang your shopping bag. And if you fold the steering rack, then this hook clings to a special loop on the deck so that the scooter can be carried by holding on to the “pipe”.

On the left there is a mechanical brake handle. The scooter brakes with the front wheel, which is good on the one hand – you can stop quickly enough. On the other hand, you need to use the brake carefully so as not to fly over the handlebars in case of sudden braking.

Also on the left handlebar there is a mechanical bell in the form of a swivel ring. Rings loudly, pedestrians react adequately.


The throttle is conveniently located on the right side of the handlebar under the thumb. Grips are rubber, non-sticky and pleasant to the touch.

The steering wheel is one-piece and the grips do not unscrew, which I especially like. Adds reliability to the scooter.

Impressions and verdict

KugooKirin M3 will fit in any elevator, even the smallest one, like in my house.

I liked the KugooKirin M3 for its quality, the increase in the motor wheel, the presence of an anti-theft lock and the inclusion with the NFC key fob.

In general, this is an excellent city transport, which, thanks to a capacious battery, manages not only to serve as a “last mile transport”, but also to give pleasant walks in the park. Personally, I have repeatedly traveled 18 km from home to office and back in the summer heat with pleasure, bypassing traffic jams and crush in the subway.

If you need to travel by transport, then not a single controller will even look in his direction – you can safely move with the KugooKirin M3 on the subway or even take the bus. The main thing is not to disturb other passengers if possible.

Of the minuses, I can only note the unlensed headlight, as well as the fact that the hook on the steering rack and the loop on the cover for this hook came from plastic, and not from the same aluminum. Otherwise, there are no complaints, an excellent non-creaky device.

Today KugooKirin M3 costs 69,990 rubles (sold in Citylink, DNS and on the official website) and you can still catch the velvet season of this summer, slowly rolling through the park on this convenient transport.

Enjoy your weekend with a breeze!

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