According to information from security company ESET, a new to blow also What’s up? affecting application users. According to the data, malicious people attempting to impersonate the Spanish aerospace company Iberia with the alleged intent of the draw tickets for Europe.

The scam begins when the victim receives a WhatsApp message from a fake Iberian person sending a download link for a potentially malicious app. Criminals, company Five thousand ticket lottery for trips to Europe.

Fortunately, Iberia published a statement on its official Twitter profile, explaining that there was no such promotion and that the messages sent were not real.

Passing the promotion scam

When accessing the link sent by WhatsApp, the victim is redirected to a page with the Iberia logo, which requests completion of a survey. When answering questions, the site makes a game for the user to choose boxes that can contain this prize, but any box selected will notify the user that he has won.

Fake page from Iberia.

After all these steps, the user will be prompted to download an application from the Google Play Store and promise to improve the performance of the smartphone. The app is called Velvet Phone Cleaner & Booster and there are a few complaints about malicious ads in the store – victims can also be redirected to paid subscription pages.

“While one of the best security practices for mobile users is to download apps from official stores such as Google Play or the App Store, as we have seen time and again, that is not enough,” said the head of ESET’s research lab. Camilo Gutierrez Amaya.

Source: Tec Mundo

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