Twitter continues to post more and more news, and we’re not talking about Elon Musk’s possible departure after his infamous poll. Now the bluebird social network has introduced a new feature. These are square profile photos for verified business accounts..

These 1:1 profile pictures are paired with different colors for the confirmation badges that the company has implemented on Twitter. Another way to distinguish between the types of accounts that are teeming with the platform.Although you may need some time to adjust to these developments.

Square profile photos are only available for verified gold badge business accounts. Those doing other activities will still see the usual circular on check checking blue for individuals and gray for government organizations.

But Twitter’s profile photo format options aren’t limited to round or square. There is a third option, hexagonal.and is reserved for those users who subscribe to the Twitter Blue service and use their NFTs as avatars.

Twitter brings its internal turmoil to companies around the world

Now Twitter users who have multiple accounts dedicated to the same subject will have to be more careful. Therefore, if your company’s main account has a square image, but another company’s account dedicated to a particular section is still round, you have to confirm that the format adapts well to both options.

But that’s not all. It looks like Twitter is taking note of the absurd multiple checkmarks released by Tumblr a few weeks ago. The reason is that Twitter displays a smaller icon, which will be located next to the verification icon.. With it, brands will be able to show the relationship between their different accounts. In fact, if you touch the box, it will take you to the main account, as it does in profile from Twitter support.

Elon Musk’s crusade began with a desire to democratize confirmation badges throughout the social network. but it seems more and more defining that the accounts are more different. In the old days of Twitter, you could tell if an account was official by looking at its name. Now it looks like we’ll need to see the name, its association with other accounts, the colors of the icon, and even the shape of its profile photos.

“All people tested will have the same blue tick, as the threshold for what is considered “great” is too subjective. People can have a tiny secondary logo that shows they belong to an organization if they’re verified.”

Elon Musk on Twitter

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