this federal police (PF), this Tuesday (9), single transaction 2focuses on combating cybercrime. The targets are 16 people who will be involved in the theft of credit card data stored in online stores and used in the fraud of R$125 million.

The studied group is specialized Invasion of e-commerce sites for the extraction of financial information It is stored in databases according to PF. The stolen cards are then sold on a page maintained by cybercriminals and/or fraudulent purchaseIt hurts stores and banks.

Using money from data sales and other transactions, those involved in the program are predominantly crypto assets. These digital assets are the operation’s search targets as a way to reduce the group’s capital.

According to PF, the hackers have been investigated since 2019. First stage of single operationis mainly carried out in the deep web. Information gained since then has made it possible to identify members of the group with national coverage.

Cell phones, money and guns

In Operation Singular 2, the company’s representatives are fulfilling 14 search and seizure warrantsMoreover 16 preventive arrest warrants. Actions take place in cities in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul and Ceará.

So far, police have seized card machines, mobile phones, electronics, large quantities of guns and ammunition, as well as cash during the searches. People surveyed can answer criminal organization crimesentenced to three to eight years in prison.

They can also answer qualified theftwithout prejudice to other crimes that could be investigated, with a prison sentence of between two and eight years.

Source: Tec Mundo

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