Tinkoff has launched a promotion for bank customers, which may approach 500,000 rubles.

Users must plant the surrounding tree on the official website and invite friends. For this, they always receive free Tinkoff Black service or 500 points to other cards.

You can get up to 1000 rubles for each friend. And the participants are located closer than 500,000 rubles.

What should be done

1. Send a link to a friend. Log in to the site, click “To invite a friend” and send the generated power to issue a card to Tinkoff friends to five. For each friend you will receive up to 1000 rubles.

2. Invite a friend to continue the tree. When another applies for a card, their initials will appear on the next village. Then he, too, can invite friends, they – their friends, and so on ad infinitum. All friends of friends come to the next tree. This is how it will grow.

Friends will receive full chains of chains when they receive a Tinkoff card and spend 300 rubles with it.

What can be closer

•‎ Up to 1000 rubles for each a friend who will receive Tinkoff via your link.

•‎ 500 000 rublesif your tree is the largest.

•‎ 500,000 rubles if your tree has the most diverse geography.

• 50,000 rubles if the tree is one of the three chosen by the randomizer.

Plant a tree of banks only for Tinkoff clients this link.

Source: Iphones RU

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