The head of Tesla suggests approaching the deal on Twitter at the same price if company representatives rely on the reliability of their method of checking bots among accounts. Elon Musk opened up the Twitter team in fact-finding and public confirmation. To do this, he called the head of the company, Parag Agrawal, to a public debate on the approval of OP.

The number of bots on the Twitter platform does not exceed 5%. Elon Musk adds that they seem to be over 20%. And about 65% of his subscribers in this service with isolated cases. In fact, the question isn’t even counting bots, but estimating their number of sets, Musk confirmed that he was offended by the juggling of facts in official reports from the Twitter team.

Lawyers mask r, But faced with sleep Millionaire admits that he cannot carry out adit platforms on his own, so the poet demands from pellow

Elon Musk undertakes, in case of successful resolution of the conflict, to buy the company’s shares for $ 0.5 preynev. They cost $45.52.

Source: Tech Cult

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