Pavel Durov once again criticized Apple’s policy; this time he accused the company of delaying the release of the Telegram update, which “will revolutionize the expression of thoughts in messaging.”

Durov accused Apple of delaying the release process of the Telegram update

Pavel Durov posted a post criticizing Apple on his Telegram channel.

The Telegram founder accused Apple of not posting a Telegram update for two weeks without explanation or comment. According to Durov, this update will revolutionize the way people communicate when they send messages.

“If Telegram, one of the world’s top 10 most popular apps, receives such treatment, one can only imagine the difficulties small app developers face,” Durov wrote.

Durov emphasized that Apple’s actions lead to financial losses for “hundreds of thousands” of apps around the world.

Pavel Durov has repeatedly criticized Apple’s policies. He last time he said that Apple sells outdated equipment at inflated prices.

Durov also spoke unflatteringly about WhatsApp developers: In December 2021, he criticized the messaging team for having security loopholes, backdoors that are being implemented on the orders of US authorities. In February 2022, Durov drew attention to the discovery of a vulnerability with which hackers could access users’ correspondence.


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