platform TVCoins (9) Confirmed its arrival in Brazil on Tuesday, and the creators have shared their content with a customizable streaming app with no upfront investment. The service, which is also offered for TV channels, can be accessed from smart TVs, mobile phones and tablets.

Based on the Advertising Video-on-Demand (AVOD) business model, the American company offers a free, cloud-based streaming platform to content creators and publishers. In it, it is possible to broadcast the content and take advantage of all the already ready infrastructure, publicize the work and increase the audience.

Since there is no charge for using the service, the project ad revenue sharing. Another difference is the development of the platform, which takes place through a no-code management portal, allowing for a faster personalized implementation.

With an eye to the Latin American market, the US-based company already has customers in the region, such as Colombian TV channel Telemedellín, which uses the platform to show its programs online. In Brazil, the first partner of TVCoins yes televisionIt has programming that focuses on the geek and pop universes.

Viewers will also benefit

HE TVCoins Incentive Program another highlight free streaming for content creators and publishers. The startup distributes “money” to those who watch programs available on the platform as a way to encourage viewers and create “loyal customers”.

These cards deposited in the creator’s app can be exchanged for gift cards after a minimum amount has been collected. “As our platform is powered by ads, more interested viewers are optimizing the ability to monetize content, at no cost to the user and producer,” said Gustavo Marra, TVCoins revenue director.

Source: Tec Mundo

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