The name of the innovation is CyberOne. It appears to be part of the same line as the brand’s previous announcement, the robot dog CyberDog.

The humanoid robot was developed by the Xiaomi Robotics Lab team. The height of the device is 177 cm, weight – 52 kg. At the same time, the average speed at which the android moves is at the level of 3.6 km / h.

CyberOne reportedly receives a set of sensors that can successfully navigate through space, recognize nearby people and respond to them if necessary.

The robot can be used to communicate, move small items and do small chores around the house. At the same time, for movement, the device performs a real-time 3D reconstruction of the room using proprietary Xiaomi Mi Sense technology.

At the moment, it is not clear when and at what price the device will go on sale.

Source: Ferra

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