Undoubtedly one of the best instant messaging apps, Telegram. A great alternative to WhatsApp, it has a number of functions that guarantee the best user experience, but if you have an iPhone, we are not really afraid that it will take time for the next update to arrive.

Or this is what comes out of it: The harsh message posted by Telegram founder Pavel Durovvia his personal Telegram channel and stating that Apple does not allow it to update Telegram for iOS because the update is stuck in a “review process”.

Pavel complains that Apple doesn’t allow him to update Telegram on iOS

Inside strong message against the bitten apple company, Pavel states that he loves his job and that he is very lucky to be able to do what he loves. But Apple makes things very difficult for him because of a “dark review process that tech monopolies impose on all mobile apps.”

He also added: “For example, our next update, ready to revolutionize the way people express themselves through messaging, has been under Apple’s “scrutiny” for two weeks with no explanation or comment from Apple. “

especially Telegram is one of the 10 most popular apps in the worldThis is why, as Pavel recalls, the founder of this service implied that if an app of this size had this problem, developers of smaller apps would have to suffer indescribable pain to get past the bitten apple company’s filters.

Also, Pavel recalls: Apple and Google take 30% tax to application developers. And, according to Telegram’s CEO, with that money, they need to have the necessary resources to avoid situations like the one that the popular instant messaging app is experiencing.

We don’t know if this message will help unlock the latest Telegram update for iPhone users, but at least Pavel made things clear and pointed out that the Apple team should act together and the next update to the popular instant messaging app is here as soon as it’s possible.

If you’re an iPhone owner, all we can tell you is be patient, because it seems that unless Pavel’s complaint comes to fruition,Telegram update for iOS goes a long way.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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