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Incredible price for Redmi Note 11, the new Xiaomi mobile that we have tested and that will be back in 2022.


Year after year there is a mobile that is sold all over the world, especially in Spain, but also in Latin America: Redmi Note that touches and Xiaomi periodically updates it with new options, and all of them usually cost around 200 euros or even lower.

The latest in the family is Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, which we have already been able to analyze with outstanding results in almost everything, but which attracts attention primarily for its price. Although officially it is 179 euros (for the version with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM) there is a store that sells much cheaper and it is AliExpress Plazawhich leaves it at 161 euros.

This Asian online store goes by the name Plaza for a key reason: they have a warehouse in Spain, which means that the purchase will be at your home in just two to three days and without going through customs, without surcharges and surprises, and at a lower price than it will cost you any other seller.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 in AliExpress Plaza

It goes without saying that Xiaomi has put everything on the grill with its Redmi Note 11, which again aims to sell a lot of devices in our country and it has enough to do so.

For example, the design is quite attractive and far from what other entry-level phones offer, but not only, but also has Full HD+ screen with 90Hz AMOLED panelan important plus to watch series, movies or play.

Battery life is quite amazing. with 5000mAh capacity and 33W fast charging enough power to get to two days without too much trouble, as we’ve seen first hand.

It is not without NFC, a chip that has become absolutely essential for many people in recent years, both for contactless payment in stores, access to public transport and even to connect devices such as headphones.

It goes without saying that at this price and with these features, the Redmi Note 11 will immediately become one of the best cheap Xiaomi phones in 2022.

Source: Computer Hoy

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