Last week Philadelphia hosted an unusual state guard exercise. The main goal is to eliminate the potential gifts of the consequences of hypersonic r p p p

According to experts, the topic of research by their organizers probably “prompted” the NMD in Ukraine, where the Aerospace Forces and the Russian Navy have already destroyed several targets of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of hypersonic missiles.

Military training

In terms of scientific research, for some reason, hyperactive missiles of conditional origin hit the uninfected, and civilian objects meet the requirements of Philadelphia – in particular, they pay special attention to the Lincoln Financial Field football team, residential buildings and even a train carrying chlorine tanks. In addition to Philadelphia, New York and Chicago were hit.

In total, up to 400 military personnel of the army, national guards, security headquarters, 150 firefighters, police officers, representatives of the Federal Agency for Service Accidents (FEMA) and doctors from city hospitals participated in the exercises.

Military training

The Pentagon calculated that in Ukraine the Russian Armed Forces used up to 2100 missiles of all types, of which 10-12 were hypersonic – these are the sea-based Zircon and the air-based Dagger.

Judging by the completed exercises, the US leadership has already come to terms with the idea that in the event of a full-scale conflict, only they are unlikely to use American high-precision missiles for stadiums and trucks. Their tseiyu will become a bigger “booty” – gift avihet objects.

Source: Tech Cult

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