Amazon announced an agreement to develop a new game Lord of the Rings based on books. The tech giant will take advantage of the series’ push Rings of Power and try your hand at an open-world Massively Multiplayer Online MMOG. The game will be distributed by Amazon Games and It will appear on consoles and PC in the near future..

There are few details about the game, although it is known that will take place in Middle-earth and will be faithful to Tolkien’s work. Amazon assigned this task to their Orange County studio as they are the only ones with MMOG experience thanks to New world. Development is at a preliminary stage and its creators promise experience incredibly faithful fantasy tradition established hobbit And Lord of the Rings.

“The most important thing about a property like this is that you have to be respectful and authentic,” said Rich Lawrence, director of Amazon Games Orange County. “When someone is a fan Lord of the Rings and you sit down to play, you have to say: “This was created by a group of people who lived in this world the same way I live in my head,” and they understand this, ”he said. that a significant number of developers love Tolkien’s work and want to create a game that fans will love.

Amazon is determined try your luck again with the game Lord of the Rings. The company tried it in 2019 when it signed a deal with Leyou Technologies to co-develop an MMOG. Unfortunately, the project was canceled in 2021 when Tencent bought Leyou, causing tension between the two tech giants.

a game Lord of the Rings from Amazon will be released on PC and consoles

Amazon Games is developing a new Lord of the Rings game

New game announcement Lord of the Rings from Amazon may not disappoint. Despite the million-dollar investment, the company never managed to link the franchise or video games. Series Rings of Power Prime Video is a flop while Amazon Games has more cancellations than hits.

However, the agreement with the Embracer Group may mean starting point to do things right. A few months ago, Amazon paid the group $600 million for a license to develop series and games based on tomb Raider. technology saw the ability to create products and link them to your serviceswhich in the long run will bring millions in profits.

a game Lord of the Rings promises huge battles against other online players. The studio will use an updated version of the Azoth Engine, the technology behind New Word, as well as various tech and gameplay features that have proven their worth in MMOs. Amazon Games is likely using an identical business model where users can play for free with the option to purchase a season pass.

It should be noted that it’s not enough just to be faithful to Tolkien’s writings to succeed. Problem that upsets New world lies in the inability of its developers to resolve issues exploits, balance and economy of the game. It also doesn’t listen to its players who accuse the studio of mismanaging MMOs.

Amazon will have to analyze success Lord of the rings onlinean online game from 2007 that is still going strong today thanks to nine expansions and a dedicated fan community.

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