In the last five years, the demand for notarized digital versions of paper documents has increased fivefold. Representatives of the Federal Chamber of Notaries (FNP) comment on such statistics with the practical convenience of digital document management.

The demand for notarized digitization of documents has quintupled in five years

Speed ​​is also important: for example, it is notarized digitized papers that make it possible to avoid problems at the border when Russians leave with children (when an exit permit is transmitted electronically in the last hours or even minutes).

“Often, it is through notarial ‘teleportation’ that at the last moment it is possible to transfer consent for the child’s departure abroad and thus get rid of problems at the border,” Kommersant quotes FNP representatives.

Another example is when an entrepreneur does not need to allocate time for personal travel or hire expensive shipping to transfer documents to a counterparty on the other side of town or across the country.

The notarial digitization of documents involves the certification procedure of documents with an enhanced qualified electronic signature of a notary. A certified copy is still legally valid, but can be sent by email.

In the first two quarters of this year, lawyers have already processed 2.6 million such requests (for comparison: there were 4.6 million requests in all of 2021 and even 1 million in 2018).

The representatives of the chamber also recall that notaries can also provide the service of digital transfer of documents from a natural or legal person to other natural or legal persons.

This opportunity has become popular, among other things, due to lockdowns during the pandemic years. Examples of this option for the delivery of documents:

All services and companies related to relocation on a single map
  • send an application for acceptance of the inheritance to another city (quickness allows you to meet the requirement of the law to comply with the period of six months from the date of death of the testator),
  • send papers to the court or the tax service so that, while you wait for the face-to-face queue, you do not miss the deadlines for submitting documents,
  • the sending of notifications of commercial operations in which notarial confirmation is essential,
  • sending information about the activities of legal entities to the Federal Resource or bankruptcy to the EFRSB, etc.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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