Be realistic is a social network to share photos with your friends. The novelty of this app is that it allows all its users to upload two photos at a given time., one from the front camera and the other from the back. However, there is only a two-minute time limit for publishing content. This is so that the image is as faithful to reality as possible.

The French origin platform, created by Alexis Barreyat in 2020, has several restrictions such as only being allowed to upload photos as soon as the ‘app’ specifies, i.e., You will not be able to share images, use filters and edit their content whenever you want.. In addition, published photos will be deleted every day.


Despite all these restrictions, The new app has already collected more than 10 million downloads and a valuation of $600 million. The American public is its main customer, although it also has users from other parts of the world.

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BeReal also has a to feed, simply go to the ‘Discover’ section where you can see photos shared by your acquaintances or see what other users have posted. Like any social network, You can also comment and react to content that catches your eye.

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BeReal competes with Instagram and in fact already Number one in downloads on iOS, surpassing Chinese social network TikTok. It attracted the attention of Internet users, because you never know when the user should take the photos, which gives spontaneity and naturalness to the posts.

If you are interested in downloading this app, You can get it for free on iOS and Android stores.

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