Google Sites a Google’s completely free platform that allows you to create your own website. It is perfect for users who do not have much programming and design knowledge: the features are already ready in the tool, so you just have to choose and apply the most interesting ones for your page.

Because it is a stable platform, many people are interested in using more features and investing in customizing their website. In this text we explain 7 features of Google Sites it can achieve your goals. Payment!

Check Out 7 Google Sites Features You Didn’t Know About

To free up space on Google Sites even more strange, cf. 7 essential resources this will make your life easier.

1. Adding Google Analytics

A website builder is usually interested in collecting information about traffic: who came to the page, which parts were visited most and least, where visitors came from, etc. they want to know. All of these can be useful for bringing improvements to your site.

The easiest way to collect this information is to use Google Analytics. To activate, You need to create a Google Analytics account with your Gmail IDClick it and then paste the tracking code that can be used on your Google Sites site.

After that, press the three dots button and select Site Analytics. Soon you start accessing all this data.

2. Embed YouTube video

Youtube Embedded in Google Sites

Websites that work with images and videos tend to be more attractive to visitors than those that don’t. However, the best choice to make these contents available is IIndexing the YouTube video on the page itselfrather than giving it an external link.

This way, the user can watch the video while browsing your site. For this, create the page in Google Sites where you will place the video. Then click the YouTube link that appears on the right.

Find the video you want in the search box and click “embed”. In this way it is possible to “drag” the video onto your page and edit the dimensions of the video. player.

3. Project sharing feature

It's easy to share projects on Google Sites

Google Sites It is designed to facilitate collective work done as a team. It is therefore possible to share documents of various types within the platform: texts, spreadsheets, calendars, notes, annotations, etc.

When you connect to the platform, these features are available wherever you are. This makes collaboration much easier.It reduces the time wasted that would require sharing these files off-platform.

4. Checking the responsiveness of the website

You can make layout adjustments via Google Sites

Responsiveness means checking that your website works well regardless of the device the user is using: desktop, mobile or tablet. Google Sites provides a feature for you to see if the site is responsive on any of your electronic devices.

For this add all the elements of your page and click on the “Preview” button – it will appear above the menu bar. Three floating buttons will appear above. Click the “Mobile” icon to check how your site looks on mobile devices.

And you know best? Its interface makes it possible to create a website from 0 even if you are not an expert on the subject.

5. File Recovery

Recover files via Google Sites

Professional websites often share and organize thousands of files. These documents can be lost due to their large number and cause problems for the company.

There’s a keyword-triggered Google Sites feature in the search tool that promises to solve this problem. From this call HE software show all associated files with search inside your cloud.

6. Adding Google Forms

(Source: Kinsta)

When you create a survey on your website, you need to create a form to collect responses. The best way to do this is with Google Forms – Google forms.

This is simple to do: create a form in Google Forms. Open your Google Sites, then click Forms in Google Docs.. Choose the form and where it should appear on your website.

7. Improved file switching

(Source: Colorlib)

You may be dealing with a large number of files on your website and need some agility to transfer them to the cloud. Google Sites offers an app that automates this processIt makes your life easier and saves you from manual work.

This is done by Google Sites Bulk File Uploader which handles this file transfer quickly. Protects your existing data and creates lockers in the cloud to organize your files. When you search for them on the search engine, they are very easily found.

So, what do you think about the content? If you’re in the process of using Google Sites, we hope this is enlightening. Stay tuned and follow this and other topics on TecMundo!

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