Over 200 Turkish shoe brands are available to Russians at Wildberries including Garamond, Miss F, Travel soft, Art Bella, Butigo, Balloon-s, I cool, Yellow Kids. On average, a pair of shoes will cost between 1.5 thousand and 3 thousand rubles. RB learned about this from the market press service.

More than 200 Turkish shoe brands appeared in Russia

The site now also offers shoes from brands that are already present in Russia: Polaris, Lumberjack and Kinetix.

To increase assortment and keep prices low, Wildberries is expanding cooperation with Russian and foreign shoemakers. Manufacturers from Turkey and China are more interested in the Russian market.

During the year, the number of shoe brands in the market increased 2.4 times year over year. According to the press service, the new brands meet the needs of Russians for high-quality and inexpensive footwear.

Deliveries of products of new brands are made directly through the official representative office. The originality of the products is confirmed in accordance with the requirements of digital marking.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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