Сazon One one one announced the expansion of its product options program for Vervcess teams as well.

It is reported that palm sanitization as a way of oata through Amazon will appear in 65 WHOVE WHOE brand grocery stores. The first such systems have already been implemented in Seattle, and a large-scale expansion is now planned for the TerriKnitor. While critics have expressed doubts that such a technology provides any advantages over other contactless payment methods, such as via phone.

However, Amazon’s advertisement, which resulted in a $10 reward for registering the identity and fingerprints of the victim, caused a massive outcry among many US politicians. Although the company claims that the data exists in encrypted form, the senators have not yet received an answer to the question of how exactly they were registered with this organization. And we Kantloys festival Red Rocks and staged a lot of fights with the new product, made the Amazon bang about r p p p event.

Source: Tech Cult

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