One of the most interesting functions offered Alexa is to allow appointments to be added using audio only. You can do this with both smart speakers and screens that include the assistant, but for everything to work properly you need to take the previous step: add a calendar for it.

Alexa includes one by default when it’s enabled, but the usual thing is you’re already using one, where you’ve long added your notes and meetings (and possibly shared with the rest of your family). ). If that’s your case, you should tell the wizard which one you want to use. you can use Google, Microsoft and Apple, but these are the first—because they are free—the most common. That’s why we tell you how to use it.

Use Google calendars with the Alexa assistant

The truth is, Amazon has managed to make it pretty simple because in a few steps you have everything configured perfectly. Of course, you should be clear that to achieve the goal we mentioned, you need to use the Alexa application, which you can get from their official store. iOS Y Android free. Once you have it, you need to do the following:

  • Open the app as usual and on the first screen at the bottom you need to click More on the right.
  • Now scroll down until you find a section called Settings and then do the same until you find the section named Calendar.
  • Once you enter you will see that Alexa’s own calendar is already active, but you need to add Google’s calendar. To do this, click on the icon with the “+” symbol in the upper right area and select Google in the window that opens.
  • An account selection window will pop up (which could be the one you have registered on the device, or if it fails, access one using the appropriate credentials).
  • Now you have to follow the wizard that appears on the screen giving the relevant permissions and then choose from all the calendars you have in your account – because it is possible to have more than one calendar. Activate the slider you want to use and save the appointments.
  • Now set the behavior of notifications and once that is done you are done and you can now add whatever you need to the Google calendar – yes, you should always use it as the default active calendar -.
Select Google Calendar with Alexa

Smart Life

From now on, every time you run the “Alexa, add xxxxx to calendar” command, it will do so in Google’s calendar, not the voice assistant’s own calendar. And the truth is, this is very useful, as this can be done from Echo devices and even from your home tablet or phone.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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