The number of registered users of the My Export digital platform has exceeded 10,000 since its launch in November 2020. At the same time, the number of companies engaged in export activities is about 60 thousand companies.

Every sixth Russian exporter has already connected to the My Export digital platform

The ecosystem that provides export-oriented companies with online access to government and business services in one place has ensured high participation of the target audience compared to similar digital platforms for legal entities.

Today, 31 services are available to exporters. The most popular are state support for participation in foreign exhibitions and fairs, a product-country profile with a list of potential buyers, obtaining a certificate of free sale, market selection, and state support for the transportation of goods. industrial and agricultural goods. products

In December last year, the Professional Export B2B services marketplace appeared on the My Export platform, where companies can find contractors and solve their problems in the field of foreign economic activity.

“For a year and a half, My Export has become in demand among our companies that trade abroad. Every sixth Russian exporter is already using the platform. And its popularity, as well as the number of services, continues to grow.

When My Export was first launched, there were four services available to businesses, but now their number has increased more than sevenfold. And we are not going to stop there. As before, we will take into account requests from exporters and introduce new business and government services.”– said Veronika Nikishina, general director of the JSC Russian Export Center.

Thus, a payment service will be launched on the My Export platform. It will allow companies to issue electronic invoices, pay for services and receive confirmation of their payment, pay for services from accredited associated banks and much more.

This will ensure the smooth flow of digital business processes involving payments for goods, works or services. According to the law signed by the President of the Russian Federation, the paid service should be available to users from April 1, 2023.


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Source: RB

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