The Russian “Promobot” will supply a batch of robocafe with the “Dunyasha” cashier in the United Arab Emirates. The robot will be localized for the local market and possibly put on a burqa or become a man.

Robocafe with cashier “Dunyasha” will be delivered in the United Arab Emirates

In signing an agreement for the supply of “Dunyash” in the United Arab Emirates, “Promobot” signed with the Action to Action companies of the United Arab Emirates at the international exhibition Arab Health.

As part of the contract for 2022-2023, at least five robotic cafes with Dunyasha can be shipped to the United Arab Emirates. The buyer paid for a robot, which cost him $300,000.

“Of course, the robot will have to be localized for the local market. Put on a veil or turn a robot cashier into a man. Soon we will finally decide and make a decision,” said Rami Kabani, director of Action to Action.

Customization of the robot can cost $50,000, Promobot clarified.

“At this stage it is [кастомизация] a key point, since the success of the project in the Middle East market will depend on these characteristics”, explained the company.

According to preliminary calculations, the robot provides income of 40 thousand rubles per day, which will make it possible to recover your purchase in about 1.5 years.

The robot cafe is equipped with a soft serve ice cream freezer, a soda machine, a coffee machine, robotic arms, a self-service terminal and a realistic robot cashier to communicate with the customer.

Promobot introduced the Dunyasha cashier robot in January 2022. It has realistic eyes and skin, and new-type servos help it move its arms smoothly.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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