Kennon has set up a meeting at Melbourne’s 550 Spencer building, which will feature an upcoming eight-story tower. The energy generation system will consist of 1182 panels capable of not only protecting all the needs of the inhabitants in an electric field, but also surpassing them. They will be inspected into the glass that completely covers the house.

Strictly speaking, approach discovery is not new, but Australia will use it. Developing projects, architects and engineers faced diligence. One of them was the choice of an individual panel. After the kids Our products turned out to be the most complete technical equipment.

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Another occurrence of the moment was the lack of a national security certificate. The contractor had to go to cardinal teams to get it. An exact copy of the future building was built and set on fire. The combustion process was studied in detail and STOLS Now the work is in full swing and it is planned to complete it in 2023.

Calculations have shown that the panel system generates up to 142 kWh of energy. Due to the fact that the roof will not be closed to accommodate them, it will be occupied by the garden. In the German state employees take a break from work. In addition, the espatation of such a building will reduce the annual emission from Eve

home generator

Source: Tech Cult

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