As reported on the pages of WABetaInfo and taken from android police whatsapp has had a chance to update again in beta with a particularly interesting feature. Changing the language of applications on smartphones is not a particularly intuitive process, but it seems that A half wants to make everything much easier.

Starting from beta in fact, while everything is still available to a few users, the company has introduced the ability to quickly change the language, choosing which one to use from the classic app settings. All this can be useful in many cases, especially when you want to practice a language that you are not used to, for example, and having an app so used to facilitate the process is not a trivial matter.

It must be said that, of course, this is not an exclusive feature, and there are already many apps that allow you to opt for this convenient step, apart from the choice of your operating system, which is considered only the most important.

All that remains is to see what all the languages ​​will be available to access, and when it will finally be made available to users around the world outside of beta.

Source: Lega Nerd

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