Then about a year ago facebookbecome now A half, has had the chance to spark some of its interest in the world of new audio formats, it seems the company is taking a step back. We’re talking specifically about the world of podcasts, such as with features that arrived for the United States in June of last year, but were unsupported over time at best and will apparently disappear soon.

As taken from android police in fact, the Bloomberg pages talked about how the social platform is withdrawing its initiatives related to the world of podcasts and focusing on something else instead. Apparently, the company actually prioritizes online shopping, to events in the world of the metaverse and short video projects involving its podcast partners. Everything is certainly easily traceable to what has been done by TikTok over time and the success this has been able to accumulate over time.

It must be said that last year, between Clubhouse And Spotifywith even more companies like Amazon who have decided to dive into the world of audio, the sector has been particularly promising, but apparently after Facebook expressed its interest in it, it has not been able to maintain its success.

Of course, this does not mean that the giant has decided to leave this world completely, and indeed it is likely that in the future we will see further projects in this sense and continued support for the world of audio, although it now seems certain that the The company’s goals are now others, including the metaverse, a potentially more relevant sector for the future.

Source: Lega Nerd

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