An Israeli startup with the Japanese name “Green Kinoko” Posch final It is assumed that one installation can maintain a comfortable temperature for several tables, including

Meteorologists predict that the heat on the planet will only intensify, and energy shortages are forcing consumers to pay attention to exotic cooling projects. Liquid nitrogen is found in a thermos at a temperature of -196℃, however, when it changes from a liquid state to a gas, it expands 700 times, which allows it to be sprayed at a temperature of -10℃ in export doses and quickly cool the space. If this is done infrequently and with precision, using a fan, technology detection will be a safe way.

green kinoko

The cost of one bottle of liquid nitrogen, according to Green Kinoko, is 50-60 US dollars, while consuming a minimum of energy compared to air conditioning. The need for liquid nitrogen depends on the logistics, because today liquid nitrogen is in demand for medicines and research, but if there is an increase in cooling plants, manufacturers will certainly meet the market. Burning nitrogen will require energy costs, but the source of raw materials is endless – in aoBEC

According to the founders of Green Kinoko, they have already received orders from 40 countries for test deliveries of their coolers. Mass production will not be able to expand. Most people have no idea how to handle liquid nitrogen, which is fraught with burns, frostbite and suffocation, so before launching the technology in mass, confidence in its reliability is necessary.

Source: Tech Cult

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