There are many reasons why you might want to block access to certain websites from a device. Android. One of them is that you find the page dangerous or simply don’t like it and don’t want to open it again – even accidentally. It can also be very useful for smartphones used by the smallest of the house. If you do not know how to achieve this, we will explain it to you so that you can achieve it.

There are several ways to do this in terminals using Google’s operating system. We chose to use a additional magnificationsince this allows quite blocking simple -and best of all, with lots of additional options like setting working hours and even adding apps to things that cannot be used on that particular phone. Therefore, we believe that this is the most suitable option.

Download the app to block websites on your Android device

The development we recommend you use, BlockSite. It is a job that combines various virtues, such as abiding by everything we mentioned earlier. And besides, you don’t have to pay nothing to download and install. You can access the application from this link.

BlockSite App for Android

game store

With this job you will be able to block websites; by doing the same with apps; and even usage reports are generated so you know if and when an attempt has been made to access blocked pages. Therefore Options allows without any cost more than enough enough for you to constantly think about its use.

The possibilities that make this app unique

Among them is something that avoids making a tutorial for using it: quality assistant When you indicate to development that you want to enable a block, it is executed and guides the user through all the steps they need to take, whether the goal is a website or an app. And also, everything is in Spanish, so perfectly understood. Complete your good choices password usage protection, so that no one can bypass the established ones.

If the interface is very easy to understand and offers perfectly placed options so that BlockSite is as simple to use as possible for the Android OS, just I recommend you to use. With this you will achieve whatever you decide to do in terms of web blocking, a function that is currently not available in Google’s development for mobile devices.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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