Korean researchers have developed a magnetic-legged robot that can climb vertical and inverted metal structures. The research results were published in the journal Science Robotics.

The quadrupedal robot was developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in partnership with a reporter from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (United States).

With innovative technology in the robot’s legs and feet, MARVEL (magnetically sticky robot for versatile and fast movement, free translation) can vertically climb ferromagnetic structures and ceilings.

See the video.

With a few sensors, MARVEL can avoid obstacles and change its climbing plan. Starting from the ground, it climbs walls and can even hang upside down on ceilings without losing its grip.

This is only possible thanks to the unique combination between the design of the legs and the technology of the feet, which can individually demagnetize.

The feet contain a material with elastic and magnetic properties (magnetic elastomers) that, together with electromagnets, provide greater adhesion to metallic and ferromagnetic surfaces.

In tests with MARVEL, it was able to carry a useful weight of up to three kilograms in addition to climbing, and reached a maximum speed of 0.7 meters per second under ideal conditions.

The researchers hope that MARVEL can be used for a variety of tasks, notably the inspection and maintenance of structures such as fuel storage tanks, shipyards, communication towers and the like.

Source: Tec Mundo

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