Apple did not start production of the iPhone 14 at the same time as China and India due to the desire to increase the number of potential customers, according to Bloomberg.

iPhone 14 production to be released in India months after China (late or early November)

In addition, Apple feared that Indian customs would open the parts boxes to check their declaration packaging. There have been cases of iPhone 14 signs appearing.

Apple and Foxconn have not achieved the same level of control as they have in factories in China. Foxconn even “totally sealed off” one assembly line to learn how workers violate privacy.

Officially, Apple and Foxconn do not implement the production of the iPhone 14 simultaneously in China and India. But some top managers in the company wanted to do it. In the future, Apple and Foxconn will do their best to assemble iPhones in China and India at the same time.[Bloomberg]

Source: Iphones RU

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